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CenterTechNews (Center of Entertainment Technology and News) is a site venturing with various topics ranging within widely selected categories namely newstechnologycelebrity, business, television,  education, travel, health, lifestyle, and sports. Not only dedicated to inform readers of the significant, relevant and timely news and features, it is also willed to give an opportunity to every professional and amateur writers out there who are looking for a platform to showcase their articles.

Join CenterTechNews’ Team

As CenterTechNews is a well-managed site with high traffic, the CenterTechNews staff is challenging you to squeeze your brain juices and share it to potential readers. We assure you that your articles will be given importance and will not be neglected as they will immediately be checked by designated editors.

As you can see in some of the published articles, there were press releases where some of the CenterTechNews staff had attended. Because of the popularity of the site, invites are addressed to the staff in order for them to send representatives to attend press conferences, product launching, events, and more. You will surely treasure each and every opportunity that comes your way by being a member of the CenterTechNews team.

With the above mentioned topics, you can write anything provided it falls into a certain category, or you can also suggest a category you think will work best in this site. Your articles will be checked in a length of 7 days before being published. We will also inform you and give you the link of your article once it is published.

Will you take the challenge and inspire others? If yes, here are the guidelines:

1. Articles should be original – your article will undergo plagiarism checker tool to make sure that it is original and has no duplicate articles published online. Copied articles from books, magazines and other printed materials are not allowed. You can rewrite articles that you have read online provided that you spin it as genuinely and uniquely yours and must be a 100% unique content using this plagiarism tool before publishing and no copyscape hits when published.

2. Put maximum of 2 links inside the article ("nofollow' attribute only for not sponsored articles)
Articles should meet words requirement – the number of words per article is a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1,000 words. We are so particular with number of words and it should be considered.

3. Write with integrity – articles with porn, gambling and explicit contents are not allowed. As much as possible, we encourage everyone to write something that can be read by all ages. Aside from entertaining, it should also be informative and grammatically correct.

4. For Press Release Articles - The article should comply with all of the mentioned requirements above. We are not accepting press release articles that are not 100% unique contents. If we are the one who will do the article write-ups it will cost 50$-100$ per 300-500 words with one live link per article (Email Us for more inquiries).
The benefits of contributing at CenterTechNews:
  • If you have a site/blog, your article will be linked back to you.
  • You will be featured in the site with your photo and other information.
  • Additional traffic to your site.
  • Articles will be noticed in social networking sites.
  • You will be notified in the future for the site’s events so that you can join.
  • You will have the chance to travel to be sponsored by the site.

If you are interested to join, send your article to together with your name, age, address, URL, and other info.