CEnterTechNews offers direct premium advertising. This is the easiest, and hassle free way to automatically add an advert to our site.  Read more details about CEnterTechNews and the current Blog Statistics here.

Who can be our recommended advertising partners? We believe that the following types of business will benefit the most in advertising on our site:

1. Franchising companies
2. Business consulting firms
3. Business, management and marketing training providers
4. Business schools
5. Make money blogs and websites
6. BPO firms
7. Business tools and software providers
8. Telecommunications
9. Banks and other financial institutions
10. Insurance companies
11. and other advertisers who target business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, managers, leaders and all online users who involve themselves in Entertainment industry, Technology, and News.

How to advertise with us?

We are currently offering the following advertising slots:
  • 300 x 250 pixel on Right Sidebar, above or below the folds
  • 300 x 90 pixel on Right Sidebar, above or below the folds
  • 728 x 90 pixel on the Header Right, above the folds
  • Write-up about a Product/Brand 
  • App/Service Review
For custom proposals, please send us an email:

Why Advertise for 3 Months?

Our site’s traffic, ranking, popularity and number of followers are increasing every month. Thus, we might also decide to increase our price every other month. If you buy for 3 months, you will get the same discounted price for 3 months. That’s a lot of savings.


For banner advertising
1. Banner image file or URL of the image file (size depends on the chosen ad and subject for review and approval)
2. Ad URL (website to visit when banner is clicked
3. Title of the Ad
4. Alt text (text shown when banner is hovered)
5. Title and description

We accept payment through Paypal or any Philippine payment processor (Banks, remittances, etc)

Note: We reserve the right to reject inappropriate ad submission that the administrator does not deem fit into the website. We also reserve the right to change prices after agreed advertising term has expired.

CEnterTechNews is also open for online media partnership short or long-term. For more information, you can reach us via our Contact Page here.

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