If you are a fresh graduate and is planning to take your board exam, the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) implemented LERIS or Licensure Examination and Registration Information System wherein applicants can register for their examination application, renewal of PRC ID and the likes.

The previous registration process took a lot of hassle in manually giving your authenticated documents and queuing for a lot of time to get into the cashier window.

How to Apply Online Board Examination
It is a huge development for a faster and more organized service from the commission. At this day and age, most of us are into computers and would rather do online transactions to avoid stress and have easier access.

Through this tutorial, you will be able to learn the step by step procedure to accomplish your online application.

* Must be a Filipino citizen
* Must be 18 years old and above
* Have a good moral character

* Active email address
* Mobile number
* 2x2 ID picture
* Cedula
* Documents that include the date of your college graduation, personal information and many more

Here's How to Apply Job As Government Employee

* Visit PRC’s official website . Go to the REGISTER tab then agree on          its TERMS of SERVICE.
* Complete the registration form by filling out your personal information.
* Sign in your email address and password to upload your 2x2 picture with a good quality. Wear            decent attire (with collar) on a white background.
* After uploading your picture, click the SELECT TRANSACTION button then choose the                    EXAMINATION tab to complete the details about your exam.
* Select your preferred PRC Office and appointment date. You will also have the option to pay              through their office or Landbank ePayment.
* After your payment, verify it by clicking EXISTING TRANSACTION tab.
* Go to the PRC office with your printed application form.

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