After 2 years of delay. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will finally release the license plates that were registered from July 1 to October 31 of 2016.  According to LTO Chief Edgar Galvante, the 1st batch will be given on the 1st week of July nationwide with a number of 387,000 vehicle plates. He also added that every vehicle owners will be notified on how they can claim it.

The agency will deliver the plates per batch at their regional offices as long as it will be available to make it on time at district offices. They also clarified that they are not going to publish motorcycle plates yet because they are still waiting for the Congress to approve the bill for a different plate design of motorcycles.

LTO Finally Distribute License Plates
It was previously reported that they were pending for about 5.2 million motorcycle plates and 3.8 million motor vehicle plates since July of 2016 until March of 2018.  Last April, the LTO purchased new license plate making machines that can produce at least 22,000 plates per day.

However, the Php 3.8 billion contract received a lot of lack when it was legalized in 2013. Thousands of license plates were also impounded when the supplier failed to pay the Bureau of Customs on its taxes and duties but was then cleared by the Supreme Court.

Vehicle Drivers’ Various Reactions

When the news came out that the LTO are finally going to give out the license plates, netizens and owners alike expressed their opinion on the said matter.

One of them is Leo who said that the plate numbers were already paid and the money that they paid for must be worth it.

Meanwhile, Deepar Regis is wondering on how the agency will notify them and since when they are informing the public. On the other hand, foolish officer is happy that the country is finally moving towards 21st century speed.

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