Due to the complaints of the parents of having no quality time with their children, the Department of Education (DepEd) decided to uplift the memorandum 392 that was approved by former Education Secretary Armin Luistro.

The controversial memo will not allow public school teachers in giving their students any form of assignments during weekends. The government agency is also advising the educators to limit giving homework so that every pupil will have enough rest and relax at their respective homes.
DepEd: During Weekends No Homework or Assignments Policy
Luistro also stated that children must not feel strain on thought of doing their school works and just enjoy their childhood.

Some parents are also suggesting that private schools must be included in “no weekend homework policy” but Atty. Claire Castro explained that a private school has a different curriculum than a public school.  She also said that private schools have the freedom on how they will teach their students but it will be better if ever the law will also implement with them.

Private Schools Won’t Follow NO Weekend Homework Policy

With the decision of DepEd, it got mixed responses from students and teachers alike. For Federation of Associations of Private Schools and Administrations (FAPSA), they believe that the policy will not be applicable in private schools.

According to FAPSA Pres. Eleazardo Kasilag, there are plenty of school vacations like a 2-week semestral break and sometimes because of bad weather that cause suspension of classes. Tablet Education was also put in a bad light because of social media. 
The Teacher’s Dignity Coalition (TDC) also doesn’t agree with the agency’s decision. According to TDC President Benjo Basas, the new law is unnecessary because it will violate a teacher’s academic freedom for their students to have the best education.

Basas then revealed that thru giving homework, a parent can also use it as their bonding. Actually, an assignment has 2 purposes, to review the former lesson and study the new one.

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