According to the Department of Transportation (DOTr), they fielded a total of 18 trains last night for the first time since November last year. The management revealed the good news through their official twitter account.

The trains also reach its respective stations which is 6 minutes apart. Aly Narvaez, who is the MRT Media Relations Officer, sent a message to the media that they were able to utilize this because their maintenance team restored 3 serviceable cars.They are also planning to add more trains to give quality service for the passengers.

Good News: MRT for the First Time Run 18 Trains
Meanwhile, MRT Director for Operations Michael Capati stated that the public must not expect too much as the train line will still operate 15 trains in weekdays and 12 on weekends.

The country’s main railway carries 500,000 commuters daily that operated only 10 trains in recent months. The train lines have been a hot topic because of severe failures that cause the commuters to unload but the MRT lines got a progress since April when it began to operate 15 trains a day.

MRT Reach their Longest Streak without Accidents

Aside from adding more trains, the operations in Metro Rail Transit (MRT) are also doing smoothly as it doesn’t have any glitches for the past 17 days - the longest malfunction free so far in 2018.
The last record that they got was 13 days without accidents and errors last mid-October of 2014.  It can also be the result when the agency held their annual Holy Week Maintenance and gave thousands of passengers a relief. DOTr’s official twitter shared the news to the public just this morning and it got mixed reactions from the netizens.

For user @PHVoteNetizen, he thank the management for their hard work to ensure the safety and timely commute of passengers. On the other hand user @ildie thinks that the current administration is trying its best to fail the trains to blame the purchases of previous administration.

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