After months of speculations, Grab finally revealed yesterday that Uber users can also reserve their rides using their application. Brian Cu who is the Country Head of Grab PH announced that the merger of Grab and Uber is a sign of a wider network for Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS).

The passengers won’t also have to wait a long time for their ride and it will be more affordable for them as huge fleet of drivers will be a part of their platform. Aside from the Philippines, the Singapore-based technology company will also take over Uber’s operations and its assets in other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Grab Finally Revealed to Acquires Uber in Southeast Asia starting on April 9
In exchange, Uber will have 27.5 % stake on its unification with its rival as the California based transportation company will go public in 2019 while Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will be a part of Grab’s board. On the other hand, Grab Philippines reassures the public that they will continue to be collaborative in work and open manner.

Meanwhile PCC Commissioner Johannes Bernabe said that the companies need their approval first before the completion of their deal in the country.  If their deal got PCC’s transaction thresholds, they will need to file a transaction notice. 

What will happens to the Commuters ?

When it was announced that Grab bought Uber, netizens got mixed opinions about this matter that it became a trending topic in various social media platforms. One of them is Marcial who said that he is bothered because the 2 apps have differences like for Grab drivers, they will be able to know the location of their passengers before accepting it while Uber doesn’t have this kind of feature.

Meanwhile, Fernando Aldaba warned the commuters that they might face huge fare and fewer incentives. The economist then added that without competition, the prices will go up and the quality of service will decline.

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