The 1st contender is Monica Jill Al Hai who studied Bachelor of Science major in Architecture. She loves sketching clothes and works as a fashion designer and make-up artist. The next contestant is Raya Awitin Medina who is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in English. She dreams of becoming a scriptwriter for ABS-CBN someday and manages their family businesses; sari-sari store, eatery and pisonet shop.

Last but not the least is Lovely Christine Sypongco who took up Information Technology. She is hoping to become the first transgender Filipina model for Victoria’s Secret and is currently a salon manager.

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Tumpak Ganern
When the 1st question was asked about BIR, Monica immediately gave the exact answer and got to advance in the next round. On the other hand, contestant’s no. 2 and 3 struggled to guess the right answer for the preceding questions until the 4th question was asked about Baguio. Lovely retrieved herself by answering correctly and claimed the final spot while Raya is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Monica is called and her question says; in 10 little Indians song, are you sure that they are complete and no one is a no show? She answered that it will not be entitled 10 little Indians if someone is missing and it is a part of our childhood.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeFEBibigMonth February 5, 2018

Lovely is the next one to be called and her question says; can you court someone you love if their house has no stairs? She replied that it can still be possible to woo the girl you like because it is just a proverb. Based on their answers, the judges chose contestant no. 1 to go head to head with the reigning queen.

Monica and Xiah are going to answer the question that says; there are many married couples today who are separating, do you think that marriage is renewable and has expiration date? The daily winner believes that marriage must not have expiration because both of you promise to God that you will have each other in sickness and in health.

The defending winner also said that marriage is not renewable because before you decide to get married, you must be ready for all the trials that you will encounter. After a deliberation, Xiah is still the reigning queen and will defend her crown tomorrow.

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