The 1st contender is Venus Fronias Brewer who is a Computer Programming graduate. She was a honor student from elementary to high school and works as a hairstylist. The next contestant is Dhanica De Ayala Zobel who studied BS High School Education major in Biology. She owns a gown rental shop and also a freelance choreographer.

Last but not the least is Lady Shawarma who took up 2 vocational courses: Commercial Cooking and Driving. She is a member of North Luzon Comedian and is currently a stand-up comedian.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeFEBuLousWednesday February 21, 2018
Wit Lang
The contenders were reminded by the host to test their respective buzzers and they must give 3 phrases before answering. For the 1st question about Noli Me Tangere, Dhanica immediately gave the exact answer to advance in the next round. When the 2nd question was asked about rhinoplasty, Venus also gave the correct answer and got the final spot while Lady Shawarma is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Dhanica is called and her question says; do you think that Mahal experienced low grade fever? She answered that the celebrity won’t undergo from it because she was born like that but we should respect people like her.

Venus is the next one to be called and her question says; what is more painful between someone who will slug or stretch your face? She replied that someone who will strike you is more hurtful but she believes that no one has the right to hurt anyone. Based on their answers, contestant no. 1 will compete with the reigning queen.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeFEBvoriteNaten February 20, 2018

Venus and Gayle are going to answer the question that says; in every couple, is it necessary for them to know the password of each other’s social media accounts? The daily winner said that whether you’re a couple or not, privacy must still exist.

The defending winner also said that she doesn’t agree because you must trust your partner wholeheartedly. After a deliberation, Gayle is still the reigning queen ad will defend her crown tomorrow.

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