The 1st contender is Princess Irish Kruk who studied a cosmetology course at TESDA. She is a former volleyball varsity player and works as a freelance events host. The next contestant is Iyah Dela Cruz who also took up a cosmetology course at TESDA. She loves dancing and beauty pageants and is currently a manager of a salon.

Last but not the least is Nicole Quiambao Salvador who is a graduate of BS Nursing. She is a proud kontesera and is a manager of their buy & sell business.

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Tumpak Ganern
When the 1st question was asked about the popular song “Endless Love”, contestants’ no. 1 and 2 bested contestant no. 3 in pressing their respective buzzers. However, both of them answered incorrectly and Nicole took the opportunity to give the right answer to advance in the next round. For the 2nd question, Iyah finally gave the exact answer and got the final spot while princess is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Nicole is called and her question says; where will you prefer to date this Valentine’s Day, in Jurassic Park or Planet of the Apes? She chose to have a date at the planet of the apes because she wants to be friends with them and she doesn’t mind whatever their appearances are.

Iyah is the next one to be called and her question says; if you will have a dream about Boy Abunda, does it mean he is your dream boy? She answered that a dream is just a series of thoughts while our soul mates seldom appears. Based on their answers, the judges chose contestant no. 3 to compete with the reigning queen.

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Nicole and Magayon are going to answer the question that says; what is more painful: when your boyfriend will hide or deny you from his family and friends? The daily winner said that when you are obscured from being seen is more distressing because it just means that you have no label and you must have respect in your relationship.

The defending winner also said that if you are hidden by your boyfriend, he is not proud of you. After a deliberation, Nicole is now the newest queen and will defend her crown tomorrow.

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