The 1st contender is Maria Kristina Liban who took up Industrial Engineering. She loves internet surfing and works as a customer service associate. The next contestant is Dhixy Araneta who studied Business Teacher Education. She is a certified kontesera and owns a costume rental shop.

Last but not the least is Sandra Salome Arcangel who is an alumna of Pasay City West High School. She loves cooking and is currently a freelance host and stand-up comedian.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeitsBiyerNiceDay January 26, 2018
Tumpak Ganern
The contenders were told by the host to check their respective buzzers and were asked on their personal lives. When the 1st question was asked about Camarines Sur, they all struggled to guess the exact answer however, Maria retrieve herself on the 2nd question to advance in the next round. For the 4th question, Sandra luckily gave the right answer and took the final spot while Dhixy is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Maria is called and her question says; there’s a saying that if your boyfriend will give you a handkerchief as a gift, he will make you cry. What if he will give you a towel? She answered that he is just concern for her and it is just means that you will be together for a long time.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeThursSoMuchMore January 25, 2018

Sandra is the next one to be called and her question says; why does Tito Boy always asked to his guest if they prefer lights on or lights off? Is he peeking? She replied that in life, there will be times that we experienced hardships but we can overcome it if we will always pray. Based on their answers, contestant no. 1 will go head to head with the reigning queen.

Maria and Xiah are going to answer the question that says; if a bad thing becomes good for others, will it still be bad? The daily winner said that anyone can change and we should only spread love and happiness.

On the other hand, the defending winner stated that the end does not justify the means so, if it came from a bad thing, it will not be right. After a deliberation, Xiah is now a semifinalist and will defend her crown tomorrow.

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