The 1st contender is Valeen Montecarlo Jacob Santos who is an alumna of Sta. Cruz National High School. She is a former vice-president of Sangguniang Kabataan and works as a customer service representative. The next contestant is Samantha Marie Granada who is a graduate of BS Secondary Education major in English. She loves to play badminton and is working as a freelance choreographer.

Last but not the least is Red Khen Artade who studied BA Communication major in Broadcasting. She won 23 Miss Gay Titles and currently an accountant specialist.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeOKsNaOKs January 17, 2018

Tumpak Ganern
When the host asked the 1st 2 questions, the 3 contenders struggled to guess the correct answer but for the 3rd question about Tina Turner, contestant no. 1 is the first one to press her buzzer however, she answered incorrectly. Red tried her luck and luckily, her answer is right to advance in the 2nd round. For the 4th question about diamond, Samantha immediately gave the exact answer and got the final slot while Valeen is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Red is called and her question says; if you are a breadwinner, what kind of bread is your prize? She answered that she will get a pandesal because she was able to save money and her gender is not a hindrance to help her family.

Samantha is the next one to be called and her question says; what song is more inspiring between tong 4x pakitong kitong and shagidi 2x shapopo? She chose the latter because it is her favorite song since she was a child. Based on their answers, the judges prefer Red to compete with the reigning queen.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeEneroDeSeizeTheMoment January 16, 2018

Red and Lucky are going to answer the question that says; what is the most important rights of being in a free country? The daily winner said that human rights must prioritize because for her, it will help our country to improve.

On the other hand, the defending winner stated that freedom of speech is significant because if you are in the public service, you must be trusted. After a deliberation, Red is still the reigning queen for the 2nd time.

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