“Shape of You” hit maker Ed Sheeran revealed to his 19.2 million followers on instagram last January 20 about his engagement to Cherry Seaborn. Many of his fans love his announcement where his post got more than 4 million likes. In the photo, Ed can be seen kissing his girlfriend with a caption that he got a fiancé before New Year and he also added that they are very happy and in love.

According to sources, they developed a close friendship during their school days and the 26-year old singer is known to have a crush on the beautiful brunette even though she had a boyfriend. Cheryl then had a degree in molecular biology and currently works as a senior consultant in risk advisory at Deloitte.

Ed Sheeran is Engaged to his Longtime Girlfriend and Plans to Quit Music Soon
On the other hand, Ed became popular worldwide after his albums sold millions of copies and in fact, his recent release entitled “Divide” was the most popular album for streaming services last year. However, he temporarily deactivated his twitter account after his appearance on the popular HBO drama “Game of Thrones”.

As of now, there were still no details about their wedding but it is possible that it will be held at Framlingham area where both of their families are established. According to Us Weekly, Ed and Cheryl refuse their offer to cover their nuptials for an amount of more than 4 million USD.

Ed plans to quit music when he becomes a dad?

The Grammy award-winning singer may have countless of hits but like a normal people can ask for, he also wants to have kids. When he was interviewed by Wired, he revealed that his ambition will go to zero as it will be understandable that once you have children, his dream will shift to be a good father.

The “Thinking of You” singer previously stated that he wants to start a family before he turns 30 and his ambition is dwindling a bit because he achieved far more than he could asked for. Sources claim that he is working for his 4th album and could be his last but Ed is also hoping to sing a Bond theme before he retires.

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