The 1st contender is Lehra Concepcion Natividad who is a graduate of Medical Computer Secretarial. She is a freelance host and also a production manager of events. The next contestant is Christine Valenciano Roaring who took up BA Tourism. She is a dog breeder and works as a make-up artist.

The 3rd contender is Kristine Diosza Pernada who studied BS Nursing. She is a kontesera and a hairdresser on her own salon. Last but not the least is Melanie Kalalabsatan Agnanayon who is a graduate of BA History. She is currently taking up master’s degree of Antropology and a licensed professional teacher.

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Tumpak Ganern
When the 1st question was asked, Christine is the 1st one to press her buzzer. Unfortunately, her guess is incorrect and Melanie took the opportunity and gave the right answer to advance in the 2nd round. For the 2nd question, Diosza stated the exact answer and got to advance in the 2nd round. When the 3rd question was asked, Christine answered the correct answer and will advance in the 2nd round while Lehra is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Melanie is called and her question says; who is better in wrapping gifts between Andrew E and Gloc 9? She said that both of them can be great wrappers as long as they are happy in giving gifts for their love ones. Diosza is the next one to be called and her question says, will you still boxed a box? She replied that she doesn’t need to box it because it’s already a box.

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The last one called is Christine and her question says; who has a better Belen between Janice and Gelli de Belen? She chose Janice because the actress is an inspiration for her and she knows that Janice can create a nice Belen. Based on their answers, the judges prefer contestant’s no. 4 and 2 to compete for the crown.

Melanie are going to answer the question that says; who loved more between the one who gave up but came back or the one who fight for you but gave up in the end? Contestant no. 4 said that the one who gave up but came back loves more because she believes that the end justify the means. Contestant no. 2 also chose the person who gave up but got to return because she wants to be love wholeheartedly. After a deliberation, Melanie is crowned as the new queen.

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