The 1st contender is Christine Shayne Quintana who is a graduate of Elementary Education. She is a former volunteer and is now a president of youth alliance for betterment of society in Muntinlupa. The next contestant is Julia Wellington who studied Business Management. She is a former dance instructor in Hongkong and is now working as a freelance make-up artist.

Last but not the least is Cassie Casanova who took up Political Science. She is a dean’s lister in college and now works as a senior executive recruiter in an international company.

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Tumpak Ganern
The contenders were first reminded by the host to check their buzzers and to give 3 phrases before answering. When the 1st question was asked, Cassie is the first one to pres her buzzer but her answer is incorrect. The remaining contestants have been given a chance and Christine took the opportunity. She got it right and will advance in the next round. For the 2nd question, Julia gave the exact straightaway and will also advance in the 2nd round while contestant no. 3 is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Christine is called and her question says; can a Manananggal able to have a whole body picture? She answered that it is possible because in this generation, you can edit anything. Julia is the next one to be called and her question says; if you are a Kapre, who will you choose between Rico J. Puno, Punong Hurado Rey Valera, and Ka Freddie Aguilar? She chose Rico J Puno because he is a great singer and everyone of us has essence in the world. Based on their answers, contestant no. 2 is going head to head with the reigning queen.

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Julia and Rianne are going to answer the question that says; if you have Php 100 left and it is your last day on earth, what will you buy? The daily winner said that she would buy a rosary and will give it to her parents. It might be inexpensive but it’s sentimental.

The defending winner also chose to buy a rosary because as a LGBT member, she committed mistakes so, it will be her salvation. After a deliberation, Rianne is still the reigning queen for the 7th time.

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