Dante Jimenez of The Volunteers against Crime and Corruption (VACC) held a press conference yesterday and reiterated that they are requesting the Department of Justice (DOJ) to thoroughly investigate the case of 3 students from Bataan who died and were allegedly injected with Dengvaxia last April of 2016.

They are now cooperating with the subsidiary of Region 3 to gather information about the 3 children. Senator Richard Gordon was also aware of what happen but refuse to give any details. He just said that the approval of anti-dengue vaccination program was rushed.

VACC asked DOJ to Examine Possible Related Death of Anti-Dengue Vaccine
Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) is hoping that before the year ends, they can organize a full review of the controversial vaccine. For the meantime, it will only be used for those who were infected with dengue. Last week, the country suspended the said program as it was revealed that it will be dangerous for the students who haven’t experience the disease.

Sanofi called reports “misinformation”

The Pharmaceutical Company in the Philippines also held a conference last Monday and insisted that a Dengvaxia will not cause a person to die and that the Filipinos were not treated as guinea pigs to try the vaccine. Sanofi Officials also played down the reports of deaths by saying that there is no truth about it.

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Joselito Sta Ana, who is a senior director of Sanofi PH, said that the vaccination program of the Department of Health (DOH) is not a clinical trial. Meanwhile, General Manager Ching Santos revealed that the government’s program started when their company had a license for the vaccine. She explained that it was studied in 3 phases not only in the country but also in other parts of Asia and Latin America.

It was then proposed to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and accepted it. Santos also stated the Dengvaxia Vaccine went through meticulous tests and was refined for more than 20 years.

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