The 1st contender is Tonette Escudero Estrada who is a graduate of Business Administration. She is a Yolanda survivor and now works as a marketing staff in a CCTV Access. The next contestant is Lenin Garcia who is taking up Business Administration major in human resources. She loves playing volleyball and is working as a freelance model and contemporary dancer.

Last but not the least is Ava Juanta who studied Hotel and Restaurant Management. She is an outstanding honor student in her elementary  days and is currently an international cosmetic tattoo artist.

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Tumpak Ganern
The contenders strive to guess the exact answers for the first 2 questions. However, Lenin got to give the right answer the 3rd question and will advance in the 2nd round.  When the 4th question was asked, Tonette gave the correct answer and will also advance in the next round while Ava is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Lenin is called by the host and her question says; if you are told that you did not think of it wisely, will it made you think? She answered that it is possible because there’s a potential that he or she don’t understand what you did.

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Tonette is the next one to be called and her question says; will you get angry if someone thrown something to you from the sky? She replied that she won’t be annoyed because she doesn’t know who did it. After a deliberation of judges, they prefer contestant no. 1 to compete with the reigning queen.

Tonette and JC are going to answer the question that says; what is the best thing that you want to receive this coming Christmas? The daily winner said that she wants to have a laptop because it is a huge necessity in her work and she will be able to explore in case they want to travel.

On the other hand, the defending winner wants to win the crown again because she did her best to have it. Based on their answers, the reigning queen unfortunately loses to Tonette and she is now crowned as the newest queen.

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