The 1st contender is Daphne Nicole Dela Pena who is a graduate of Secondary Education major in Physical Education. She is a former private grade school teacher and is now working as a sanitary inspector in Valenzuela City.

The next contestant is Carla Celine Rodrigo who studied Information Technology. She is proud of her 24 beauty pageant titles and currently a make-up artist and salon manager. Last but not the least is Carla Marie Montegrande who took up Hotel and Restaurant Management. She is a leadership awardee in college and now works as a restaurant crew member.

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Tumpak Ganern
When the 1st question was asked, the contenders failed to guess the exact answer. However, Carla Marie retrieved herself for the 2nd question and got to advance in the next round.  On the other hand, contestant’s no. 1 and 2 struggled to give the correct answer for the remaining questions. For the 6th question, Celine luckily gave the right answer and also got to advance in the 2nd round while Daphne is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Carla Marie is called and her question says; in a famous Fred Panopio song, what do you prefer between having an unloaded gun, empty pocket or brief with a hole? She chose to have an empty loaded gun so that no one will get hurt especially this coming Christmas.

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Celine is the next one to be called and her question says; which reach the farthest between the kite of Pepe and dream of on old deaf? She answered the ambition of an old deaf because even though he has that kind of condition, it doesn’t stop him to have a dream.  Based on their answers, the judges chose contestant no. 2 to go head to head with the reigning queen.

Celine and Rianne are going to answer the question that says; who lack in affection between the one who did a mistake or to someone who is unforgiving? The daily winner chose unsympathetic that lack of love because they don’t give someone a chance and she believes that love is the most powerful weapon.

The defending winner also selected a heartless person who is lack of care because even our God forgives us to all our sins and if we love someone, we must not give them up. After a deliberation, Rianne is still the reigning queen for the 5th time.

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