The 1st contender is Kim Montero who is a graduate of Tourism Management. She is a sewer and gown designer and also works as a freelance make-up artist. The next contestant is Maria Bibigirl Clear Water who took up a Marketing course. She is awarded as the most promising student and she is working as a team leader in a BPO company.

Last but not the least is Princess Khyly Dela Cruz who studied Nursing. She was a volleyball varsity player and is currently a dining and cashier crew in a restaurant.

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Tumpak Ganern
When the host asked the 1st question, the contenders failed to give the exact answer. However, Maria got to give the correct answer for the 2nd question and will advance in the next round. For the 3rd question, Princess immediately gave the right answer and she will also advance in the 2nd round while Kim is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Maria is called and her question says; what is the best time to forego a break-up?  During coffee break or lunch break? She answered that she would rather do it during lunch break because she will have a lot of time to explain to her boyfriend why they will have to separate.

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Princess is the next one to be called and her question says; if you are going to get married, who would you rather be? Become Chuckey’s bride or a Ghost bride? She replied that she would prefer to be a ghost bride because she will have an opportunity to fix her face while Chuckey doesn’t. based on their answers, Maria is going head to head with the reigning queen.

 Maria and Tonette are going to answer the question that says; if your best friend is going to have a relationship to someone you don’t like, will you interfere with them? The daily winner said that she will say her thoughts to her best friend because she cares for her.

On the other hand, the defending winner would rather keep mum because it is their life and she will just support her best friend’s decision. After a deliberation, Tonette is still the reigning queen for the 2nd time.

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