The 1st contender is Jayjem Maharlika who is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management. She is a former debater and is now working as a Brgy. Administrative Personnel. The next contender is Barbie Anderson who studied Mass Communication.

She is a kontesera and works as a consultant for powerhouses of beauty pageants. Last but not the least is Gemma Gemamai Mondragon who took up a dressmaking course. She is a titleholder of various pageants and worked in Saudi Arabia for 17 years.

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Tumpak Ganern
The contenders were first asked by the hosts about their personal lives and were reminded to check their buzzers. When the 1st question was asked, Jayjem gave the correct answer right away and got to advance in the next round. The remaining contestants are now going head to head for the final spot. For the 2nd question, Barbie gave the right answer and will also advance in the 2nd round while gemma is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Jayjem is called and her question says; what will you do if you’ll find out that your dad is now a ghost? She answered that it doesn’t matter because on her personal experience, she haven’t seen her father so, it will be important for her to meet him.

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Barbie is the next one to be called and her question says; if there is something strange in your neighborhood but Ghostbusters are nowhere to be found, what will you do? She replied that she has faith in God and she will pray to him to ask for help. Based on their answers, Barbie is going to compete with the reigning queen.

Barbie and Ellen are going to answer the question that says; if you will have a chance to talk to a dead famous personality, who will it be? The daily winner said that she wants to have a conversation with former President Ferdinand Marcos and she will asked him why are the Filipinos suffer from  poverty and where is the Golden Buddha.

Meanwhile, the defending winner stated that she wants to talk with former Senator Miriam Santiago and asked her on what are the things that she still wants to do when she was still alive. After a deliberation, Barbie is crown as the newest queen and she is  going to defend tomorrow.

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