22-year old model Demi Leigh Nel-Peters beat out strong candidates to become Miss Universe 2017. She got a degree of Business Management from North West University. During the live shows, she is one of the front runners from swimsuit round to her final look.

In her pre-taped interview, she revealed that she was seized by a group of carjackers when she was inducted as Miss South Africa.  Because of her traumatic experience, she developed a self-defense program in her country.

Miss South Africa Crowned as Miss Universe 2017
This year, there are a total of 92 contestants who joined the prestigious pageant. It is said to be the largest group of contenders to compete for the coveted title. The top 16 finalist chosen by the judges and the viewers were from Thailand, Ghana, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Spain, USA, Canada, Colombia, Great Britain, South Africa, Jamaica, Brazil, Philippines, China and Venezuela.

When Steve Harvey asked Nel-Peters in the Q and A portion for top 5 on what she thought is the most important issue that women face in their workplace, she answered that they were paid 75% on what men receive even though they have the same job and working hours. She also added that women must have equal payment around the world.
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Miss Colombia Laura Gonzales and Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett also impressed the judges with their answers about terrorism and sexual harassment. They just felt short and got first and second runner-up respectively.

Miss Universe 2017 reveals with Miss Philippines

Our country’s bet may fail to have the 4th title, most of the Filipinos are still rejoicing because it is still a Peter. During her press conference, Miss Universe 2017 Demi Leigh Nel-Peters revealed that she became close to Rachel Peters because of their similar sounding usernames.

Describing Miss Philippines, she said that she is a lovely person and she is happy to share this experience with her. For Rachel’s side, she congratulated her in a twitter post. When asked on what is the 1st thing she will do as Miss Universe, she replied that aside from hugging her family and friends, she wants to have a barbeque.

Remember That Moment When Steve Harvey Announced the Wrong Winner in Miss Universe 2015

On her advocacy, she wants to find a solution on the water drought in her country at Cape Town. She would also want to focus on HIV Awareness as it is a huge problem in South Africa and to help women who are victims of crimes.

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