One of the classic works of Dr. Jose Rizal is “Noli Me Tangere”.  It is a story when the country was colonized by Spaniards and their inequities to our government. It was first written in Spanish but translated into Tagalog and English.

It also has a sequel entitled “El Filibusterismo” and high school students were also obliged to learn this in Filipino subject. To make it more interesting for this era, Ran Carmona, who is a student from De La Salle University, recreated the story of Crisostomo Ibarra and made it into a manga version.

Look: Classic Noli Me Tangere Characters Transformed into Modern Art of Anime
The 28-year old freelance graphic artist revealed that she started it as a school project for her animations course where their class needs to be imaginative with our national hero’s creations. She thought of Noli Me Tangere to redesign and make it as if it is made for this generation. Ran also stated that it is her desire to complete it so that the youth will be more curious about our history and as a part of millennial that grew up watching animes, it will be a great way to catch their attention.
As of this writing, it now has 3.8 K likes, 619 comments and was shared by 5.5 K users on her facebook page. Because of the positive response, she is thinking of making it into a full novel with the help of independent Filipino writers and right timing.

Twitter Users Found an Amusing Noli Me Tangere Thread

Last August, twitter account with a username @ClaraDLS_ made a thread with a reference to Rizal’s masterpiece. What’s more interesting is that the tweets were socially relevant and some netizens joked that it is more understandable than the novel.

It eventually got the attention it deserves and got viral. At this day and age, it is worth celebrating that the youth are appreciating Noli Me Tangere and other works of Rizal to be relevant in a witty and creative way.

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