Birth certificate is an essential document use as your identification when you want to apply for a job or get a passport.  According to assistant national statistician Editha Orcilla, the common errors that need to be fixed in a birth certificate are misspelled name, date of birth, and gender. You need to file for correction of entry at civil registration office where you are registered with an amount of Php 1000.

If you are filing for a migrant petition, it will reach Php 1500. The civil registrar will asked for a document such as marriage license, medical and baptismal certificate, and voter’s registration. Orcilla then revealed that the estimated process of amendment will took almost 3 months. It’s because the local office of civil registration will send the petition and other legal papers to PSA for them to approve. They will then return it to the civil registrar of the local office to validate and prepare the certificate of finality.

How to Correct Errors in Birth Certificate
To conclude the procedure, you need to get the rectified document. Orcilla also insisted that OFW’s can also do this process by going on their respective embassies and there is no online method.

Fetalvero: It takes MORE to be a Filipino

Us Filipinos can be odd but transparent. When we are push to our limit, we can be brave enough to fight for our rights. We are also known for being hospitable to whom we have debt of gratitude. Different races and culture have various attributes.

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When there is a huge problem, a Filipino can smile despite of the tragedy. However, we can also be stubborn. One of the hot topics these days is the unresolved issue in traffic because some doesn’t follow the rules and regulations.

Foreigners are even hoping that we must be specific in giving directions because we tend to say so many details. We may have imperfections but we must still be proud for being Filipinos.

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