The Zhuzhou City in China introduced an innovative rail system that will use virtual lines and it is now considered as the world’s first smart train. The new Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) can tour with a speed of 70kmh or 43 mph and can accommodate 300 passengers.

This is one of the transportation ideas by the CRRC Corporation, which is known as one of the world’s biggest train manufacturer as they tried working on this technology in previous years that costs more than $2 million and they are also hoping to use it in other cities next year. The trackless train can be described in a mixture of a train, bus and a trolley.

China Launched the World’s First Trackless Train
According to People’s Daily Online, each train will last for 25 years and can travel 15.5 miles with just 10 minutes of charging. The advantages of trackless train to a regular train are the price is lesser and it can use a different route if there is traffic. However, the disadvantages are on how it will work if there is water or snow at the dotted lines down the road.

Chief Engineer Feng Jianghua revealed that building the virtual way system cost lower than the conventional subway system. He also added that it uses hi-tech sensors to accumulate travel data and to judge the distances per millimeter. The trains will be expected to open for the public in spring of 2018.

Netizens Opinions on the Newest Smart Train

When China introduced the very first trackless train, netizens had various reactions about it. For Tony Badu, he said that his only problem is that the tracks are not apparent for pedestrians and cars and it should have been colored red or blue so others can see the potential path.

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On the other hand, Shahed Hussain stated that too much effort was put in creating the train but not enough though on several conditions that it will operate in however, he appreciates the design. Meanwhile, other netizens compares it to a bendy bus.

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