Vice Ganda, Teddy Corpuz and Jugs Jugueta left the madlang people in awestruck after their performance for the magpasikat week. Netizens are also delighted that it became a worldwide trending topic and left great reviews.

Teddy surprised everyone when he proposed to his wife Jasmin on national television and eventually got married for the 2nd time. After the Rocksteddy vocalist sang, he went to his wife who is beside their 2 children and told her that when they met 11 years ago, he knew that she is the one for him.

Watch Teddy Corpuz marries wife on National TV
He also added that Jasmin tells him that he never proposed to her so, he knelt down and asked her to marry him then she replied yes.  She was then accompanied by the staffs and made her wear a wedding gown.

The 2 exchange their vows to Pastor Joseph Etienne Morales and pronounced as husband and wife and sealed it with a kiss. Before Teddy’s wedding, Jugs opened their performance with a song and Vice followed it with a reverse poetry.

Teddy Reveals How he Prepared for their 2nd Wedding

In an exclusive interview with the media, the singer- host shared that the surprise wedding was planned since last year. His group mates thought of it as their performance for Showtime’s 7th anniversary; however he felt that it’s not yet the right time and this year is the perfect timing where 8 means infinity.
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He then recalled that they conceptualize the wedding video but it was gone. Teddy and Jasmin were married for 11 years through a civil wedding with their 2 kids; Angelica Phoebe (10) and Theodore John (5).

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According to him, he saved money for a year by selling his guitar, shoes and even joined a paluwagan. It is also a surprised for their kids when Teddy simply told them that they will have a pictorial for Anne Curtis incoming wedding.

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