The 1st contender is Jefferson Jopay Rabino who is a graduating student in a course of Food Technology. She is a former student governor and president of an organization in college. The next contestant is Glenda Masa Bario who took up Business Administration. She is a former entertainer in Japan and is currently a breeder of 17 dogs and a freelance make-up artist.

Last but not the least is Sofia Hidalgo who studied AB Economics. She is a former actor and director of Teatro De Letran and former member of PETA. She now works as a Hotel Telemarketer.

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Tumpak Ganern
The 3 contenders failed to give the correct answer for the 1st question about the British band Queen. Glenda retrieves herself by stating the right answer for the next question and will advance in the 2nd round. When the 3rd question is asked, Jopay gives the exact answer and will also advance in the next round while Sofia is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Glenda is called and her question says; why is a pandesal dip on a hot coffee? She answered that pandesal is the favorite food by Filipinos every breakfast and it becomes heavier when it is plunge to the coffee.

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Jopay is the next one to be called and her question says; what is a strong coffee fighting for? She said that it is for the people who wake up early in the morning to go in their respective jobs for their families. Based on their answers, Jopay is going to compete with the reigning queen.

Jopay and Gianna are going to answer the question that says; what will you choose between having a small salary but you are enjoying or huge paycheck but you’re lonely. The daily winner prefer to have a small payment but happy because she believes that the embodiment of Filipinos is to achieve happiness.  The defending winner also selects to have a low salary but is appreciative because what’s important is you enjoy your job. After a deliberation of judges, Gianna is still the reigning queen for the 4th time.

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