The 1st contender is Georgina Lina Gonzalieh who is a graduate of Computer Management. She was an honor student in elementary and a valedictorian in high school. She is currently a salon owner. The next contestant is Erick Fashionizta who studied BS Psychology.

She is now working as a fashion stylist and has a salon business. Last but not the least is Mandy Madrigal Alfante who took up Business Administration. She now runs an online business.

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Tumpak Ganern
The 3 contenders first struggled to guess the right answer for the 1st question. When the next question is asked about the band, Menudo, Georgina immediately got it right and will advance in the 2nd round. Erick and Mandy both strive to utter the right answer for the last slot. When Anne asked the 4th question, Erick gave the correct answer and will also advance in the next round while Mandy is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Georgina is called and her question says; what will you prefer between 1 straight eyebrow and 2 overlapping eyebrows? She chose to have 2 piled eyebrows because in life, you will be lonely if you are alone.

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Erick is the next one to be called and her question says; what will you choose between being called tramp or you will be strike in the land? She replied that she will take it if she will be called a truant because being strike in the land is more hurtful. Based on their answers, Erick will go head to head with the reigning queen.

Erick and Georgina are going to answer the question that says; what is the meaning of success? The daily winner stated that being successful is being selfless because it will tell how profitable you are in this world. The defending winner on the other hand said that if you are contented in your life, you will be happy because it just means that you feel complete. After a deliberation of the judges, Gianna is still the reigning and is now a semi-finalist.

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