The 1st contender is Barbie Ann Ocinolla who took up BS Advertising and Public Relations. She was awarded best in social studies in high school and now works as sales promo manager. The next contestant is Marina Jaz Bausas who studied BS Nursing.

She is working as a freelance model and massage therapist. Last but not the least is Wynwyn Villar Fajardo who is a graduate of Mass Communication. She is currently a national sales support agent, professional photographer, events organizer and host.

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Tumpak Ganern
The 1st question is asked about actress Lotlot de Leon. Barbie immediately gave the correct answer and will advance in the 2nd round. Marina and Wynwyn are left to go head to head for the final spot. Contestant no. 2 also gave her answer straightaway and will advance in the next round while contestant no. 3 is eliminated but she is thankful for the opportunity.

Wit Lang
Barbie is called and her question says; is the youngest elf will also be called “ancestor in the anthill”? she answered that it is possible because they are also part of dwarflike creatures and they are included in their environment. Marina is the next one to be called and her question says; if an elf is Chinese, will it be called “nuno sa fengshui”? She said that it cannot be for she believes that no one knows how their life is but we must respect them. Based on their answers, Marina will compete with the reigning queen?

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 Marina and Gianna are going to answer the question that says; in Philippine history, do you believe that men are more powerful than women? The daily winner believes it because for her, men symbolize God and most of them provides for their families.

The defending winner on the other hand answered that women are more superior to men because they are the one who gave birth however, it doesn’t matter what gender you are. After a deliberation, Gianna is still the reigning queen for the 2nd time and will defend her crown tomorrow.

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