The 1st contender is Joneth Ann Flordeliz who took up Culinary Arts in Macau. She is now working as a chef in a fine dining restaurant in Bulacan. The next contestant is JM De Lima who is currently studying Broadcasting.

She is a consistent honor student in high school and now works as a freelance model. Last but not the least is Lyza Monera Tunga Era who studied Cosmetology in TESDA. She is an alumna of Samar National High School and previously works as an entertainer in Japan.

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Tumpak Ganern
The 3 contenders struggled to guess the correct answer for the first 2 questions however, Lyza retrieve herself by giving the exact answer for the 3rd question and will advance for the 2nd round. Contestants’ no. 1 and 2 continue to strive for the remaining questions until Joneth finally give the right answer for the 6th question and will also advance in the next round while JM is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Lyza is the 1st one to be called and her question says; why is it that most of the 3rd party in a relationship look worse than you? She answered that it is not good to be a cause of a friction in someone else’ relationship and it is better not to be involved. Joneth is the next one to be called and her question says; why is it that there is a bubble gum under a chair most of the time?

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeDoSeLebrasyon October 12, 2017

She replied that it is a trait of lazy people who doesn’t want to throw their garbage in a trash can and cleanliness is very important. Based on their answers, Joneth will compete with the reigning queen.

Joneth and Angel are going to answer the question that says; what is more painful, he broke up with you through a text or you will know that his status in facebook has changed? The daily winner said that breaking up through a text is more hurtful because it is necessary that if you want to say something, you must say it personally.

The defending winner on the other hand chose a change of his facebook status is upsetting because as an individual, it is important for her to be respected. After a deliberation, Angel is still the reigning queen and is now a semi-finalist.

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