The 1st contender is Princess Ivory Morales Austria. She is a 3rd year college student taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management and also works as a freelance singer in debuts and weddings. The next contestant is Bambi Boo who studied Entrepreneurial Management and graduated Cum Laude. She is currently a salon owner and pageant consultant.

Last but not the least is Sasha Santillan who is a graduate of BS Occupational Therapy. She works as a pediatric occupational therapist in Canada.

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Tumpak Ganern
The 3 contenders were asked by the host to check their buzzers first. The 1st question was then asked about boxing. Sasha is the 1st one to press her buzzer unfortunately, her answer is wrong. Princess tried to answer the question and this time, she got the right one answer and will advance in the 2nd round. Only Bambi and Sasha are left to aim the final spot and on the 2nd question, Bambi gave the correct answer and will also advance in the next round while Sasha is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Vice called Princess and she revealed that she almost join the show’s former segment “I Am Pogay” but she is underage at that time. Her question then says; is a pregnant Manananggal undergo cesarean surgery? Princess answered we should respect their rights.

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Bambi is the next one to be called and her question says; if your mother is a Manananggal, who will you come with to, on the upper or lower part? Bambi stated that she will prefer the lower part it is our responsibility to protect the part where we came from. After a deliberation, Bambi is announced to compete with the reigning queen on the final round.

Bambi and Pau are going to answer the same question that says; are you in favor of living-in? Bambi answered that she is not in favor of living-in because she believes that married couples are the only one allowed to live in a house. The defending winner is also not in favor of living in because we should have respect with ourselves and marriage is a sacred thing. Based on their answers, the judges preferred Bambi and now the new queen.

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