The 1st contender is Edsel Anne Lachica Arellano who is a consistent honor student during her elementary and high school days. She is now working as a restaurant receptionist. The next contestant is Xiana Andromeda Lopez who studied BS Secondary Education major in Mapeh and was a scholarship awardee.

She is currently an events host. Last but not the least is Cold Bernardino is currently a student taking up BS Psychology course. She is also a make-up artist and a handler in beauty pageants.

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Tumpak Ganern
Vice is the only host for today and had a funny conversation with the 3 contenders. He then asked them to check their buzzers first. The 1st question is about the story “Ibong Adarna”. Edsel is the 1st one to answer the question and will advance in the 2nd round. For the next question about the singer Sarah Geronimo, Clod beat Xiana in pressing the buzzer then gave the right answer. She will also advance in the next round while Xiana is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Vice called Edsel and she talked about her life as a Libero and how much she earned in every beauty contest she joined. Her question then says; do you believe that Cinderella is the only one with that kind of shoe size in the fairytale? Edsel respond that she doesn’t believe and it’s just a coincidence that she becomes a princess.

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Clod is the next one to be called and revealed that she copies actress Carmi Martin. She was then asked with a question; if you are caught over speeding by policemen, did they also violate the rule? Clod answered that everyone of us should follow every rules and regulation in the country because it is for our own sake. Base on their answers, Clod will go head to head against the reigning queen.

Clod and Pau are going to answer the question that says; what will you choose, if you love someone, set him free or if you love someone, fight for him? The daily winner chose to fight for her love because she believes that love can motivate people.

On the other hand, Pau chose to give freedom on her love because she thought that she will find someone who will love her wholeheartedly. After a few deliberations, Pau is still the defending winner and is now a semi-finalist.

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