The 1st contender is Lui Hernandez Smith who took BS Secondary Education major in English at Batangas State University. She is currently a freelance make-up artist and an event staff writer. The next contestant is Samantha Nicole Monteverde who studied HRM and Computer Science.

She formerly works as an associate creativity enthusiast in Kuwait and former cashier in Qatar. The last contender is Frych Aquino Cojuangco from Pasay City. She also took BS Secondary Education major in English and is now a freelance pre-school teacher.

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Tumpak Ganern
The 3 contenders were asked to check their buzzers if it is working. Vice then asked the 1st question about Stephen Curry. Lui is the first one to press her buzzer and got the right answer. She will then advance to the next round. Samantha and Frych are now going head to head for the final slot. Both of them struggled to guess the correct answer until the 4th question, Frych finally got it right and will also advance in the 2nd round while Samantha is eliminated.

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The hosts called Lui and they challenge her to demonstrate the different types of saying hell. She was then asked a question that says; what are the insecurities of security guards? Lui answered that there insecurities might be enough support for them because their job is dangerous and their life is at risk.

Frych is the last one to be called then Vice impersonated Kris Aquino when she revealed that her handler is a big fan of the host. She was then asked that says; who cries faster between onion-skinned and the one who is peeling the onion.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeSeptembetnaBet September 5, 2017

Frych answered those onion-skinned cries faster because they are sensitive while when she tried to peel an onion, she didn’t shed a tear. After a few minutes of deliberation, Vice announced that Frych will compete with the reigning queen.

Frych and Pau are going to answer the same question that says; what is the advantage of the poor to those who are rich? The daily winner is the first one to answer and she stated that a poor can appreciate little things. Pau is the next one to answer and said that a poor can interact in any kind of life status. Based on their answers, the judges prefer Pau and is still the defending winner.

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