The 1st contender is Mae Sis Alvarado who took BS Elementary Education during her college days. She is a former call center agent and now works as a stand-up comedian. The 2nd contestant is Dexie Ethel Abrea who studied Business Management at Far Eastern University. She is from Taytay, Rizal who is currently a singer and comedian.

The last contender is Maja Palermo from Caloocan City. She is a consistent honor student and is now working in a freelance events production.

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Tumpak Ganern
The host ask the contestants to check their buzzers if it is working. Vice then ask them about Santa Claus. Maja is the 1st one to press the buzzer and fortunately her answer is right and will advance in the next round. Anne is the next one to ask the 2nd question about eyes. This time, Mae Sis gave the correct answer and will also proceed in the 2nd round while Dexie was eliminated.

Wit Lang
Anne called Maja and they talk about her long distance relationship with her boyfriend. She also revealed that he had 23 ex-girlfriends and 3 ex-boyfriends. Vice then ask her and it says; why do we use ice in halo-halo if we will just dissolve to melt it? Maja answered that it will give us a challenge in eating it and you will feel satisfaction once you try because you work for it.

Mae Sis is the next one to be called and she is hoping to work with Vice Ganda in his upcoming movie. There was also a fun part when someone is calling to Mae’s phone and Vice jokingly replied that she is captured by them. Her question then says; why do we like a hot soup if we will just blow to make it warm? Mae answered that it takes a lot of time if we want to achieve something.

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After a few minutes, Vice announced that Maja will advanced in the final round and will go head to head with the reigning queen who is coincidentally also a fan of actress maja Salvador.

Maja and Ivy are going to answer the same question and it says; what is the positive thing about Martial Law? Maja 1st answered that it will help the people to become more discipline. Ivy on the other hand said that it will help to contain the siege in places that are terrorized specifically in Marawi City. Based on their answers, the judges prefer Ivy and is still the defending winner.

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