The 1st contender is Alexis Garcia who is a graduate of BS Accountancy. She was a class valedictorian in her Grade School days and is now one of the founders of Transpinay in Antipolo. The next contestant is Queen Hugo who also took up BS Accountancy. She is currently a student of UP Open University taking up arts in multimedia studies.

She also works as a team leader in BPO Company. Last but not the least is Lovely Olive who studied BS Secondary Education. She was an honor student in elementary and got an award as best in declamation in high school. She is now working as a hairdresser.

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Tumpak Ganern
The 2 hosts coincidentally wore the same color on what the contenders are wearing so; they jokingly stated that there are 5 contestants for today. Vice then asked the 1st question about Kyla. Lovely bested the other contestants in pressing their respective buzzers and gave the right answer. She got to advance in the 2nd round while the remaining contestants are competing for the final spot. They struggled to answer the next question until the 3rd question is asked. This time, Alexis gave the correct answer and also got to proceed to the next round while Queen is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Lovely is called and her question says; are mosquitoes that spread dengue also experience high fever? She answered that they will not undergo from it because are the cause of dengue and to avoid this disease, we must avoid in going to the places that are full of mosquitoes.

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Alexis is the next one to be called and her question says; what will you prefer, to have a dengue or ma denggoy? She chose madenggoy because the person who hurt you has a chance to change while if you will have a dengue, you might not have a chance to be a better person. Based on their answers, Alexis is chosen to compete with the reigning queen.

Alexis and Marigona are going to answer the question that says; on what age must a child learn about sex education? The daily winner answered that they should learn about it in the early age of 12-13 years old because it is the time that they are curious and sometimes suffer early pregnancy. The defending winner on the other hand said that they must learn about it in the legal age of 18 because it will help them prevent unexpected pregnancy and has a chance to achieve what they want. After a deliberation, Marigona is still the reigning queen and is 3 wins away to be a hall of famer.

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