The 1st contender is Britney Mendoza Arellano. She studied Hotel and Restaurant Management and now works as a call center agent. The next contestant is Tiffany Futari who is a graduate of Business management.

She currently has various jobs as being a handler, singer, and freelance make-up artist. Last but not the least is Diwata who is a high school graduate from Quezon City. She works as an impersonator, beautician and a construction worker.

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Tumpak Ganern
The 2 contenders were asked to check their buzzers first if it is working. Vice then ask them the 1st question about Hawaii. Britney is the fastest to press the buzzer and gave the correct answer. She is the first one to advance in the 2nd round while the other 2 will go head to head for the final slot. For the 2nd question, Tiffany gave the right answer and will also proceed in the next round while Diwata is eliminated.

Wit Lang
The host called contestant # 1 at the front then Vice jokingly compared Anne and Britney’s lip size. After their funny banter, Vice asked her the question that says; if you are going on a field trip, where will you choose in Jurassic Park or Planet of the Apes? Britney chose the 2nd choice because she wants to explore the origin of the apes.

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Tiffany is the next one to answer and her question says; if you are given a chance to talk to Invisible man, what will you tell him? She answered that he will ask him to help the people of Marawi to end their sufferings. After a few minutes, Vice announced that Tiffany is chosen to advance in the final round against the reigning queen.

Tiffany and Ivy will answer the same question and it says; if you are a President, where will you allocate the biggest budget. The daily winner is the first one to answer and said that she will put it for education because it is a treasure that no one will take from you.

Ivy is the next one to answer and she chose to put it for health care because she thinks that our country men who are sick but no enough money will benefit from it. Based on their answers, the judges prefer Ivy and now will enter in the semi-finals with total earnings of Php 60000.

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