Early Sunday morning, a dead body of the 22 year old freshman law student from University of Sto. Tomas was found in a sidewalk in Manila. According to the Manila Police District, Horacio Tomas Castillo III’s body was found by John Paul Sarte Solano, who is a medical technologist of San Lazaro Hospital and a passing Strada pick up help him along with the bystanders to take Horacio in a Chinese General Hospital.

Unfortunately, Dr. Clarisse Cledera revealed that he is dead on arrival at 9:21 am. In a MPD report, the victim had hematoma at his upper arms with bruises and marks from candle drippings on different parts of his body. Supt. Erwin Margarejo also revealed that his death is probably because of massive heart attack.

UST Law Student Dies after Fraternity Hazing
When Castillo’s father was interviewed by the media, he stated that his son asked permission to let him stay overnight at the university as he will join the welcome rites of the law-based fraternity group, Aegis Juris but they got worried when he didn’t return the following day. They admit that they are hesitant to let him join the fraternity but their son reiterated that there will be no hazing and Nilo Divina, a Dean of Civil Law, is one of the members.

UST suspends Aegis Juris

The university published a statement yesterday stating that they are saddened with the unfortunate incident and offered their sympathy and prayers to the family of Castillo. They also announced that all the officers and members of the fraternity are all suspended following the death of its newcomer in an alleged hazing.

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Divina said that they will not be allowed to enter the campus of the Faculty of Civil Law or attend their classes until prior notice. He also insists that they are not aware of the event and won’t involve themselves in any activities of the fraternity. Meanwhile, the UST Civil Law Student Council held a prayer vigil for Castillo yesterday to seek for justice. The UST Central Student Council on the other hand said that the university administration must investigate the incident thoroughly.

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