If you are willing to apply for a position in any government agencies, you can ask Maria Luisa Salonga-Agamata, Public Assistance Office Director Director of Civil Service Commission (CSC) to undergo the processing of your application.

According to Agamata, you need to have educational qualification, training experience and eligibility to pass in any 2 categories of career service examination. 1st level category is for those who want to have a job in trades and corps, custodial and clerical. 2nd level category on the other hand is for supervisors (technical) and you need to undergo orientations. However, there are also positions that don’t need trainings.

How to Apply Job As Government Employee
Civil Service Examination

  • you need to be a Civil Service Exam (CSE) passer 
  • Board passers also don’t need to take CSE especially for those who graduated Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude. They just need to submit their requirements.

Process of selecting the applicants

  • Government officials have the authority to choose a position in their offices especially for those who they trust that is called “co-terminous” 
  • Ethics-oriented personality test is used if the applicant wants to serve while the payment, security of tenure, and benefits is only secondary.

Regulations if the applicant is accepted in a government service

  • You need to have GSIS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG
  • Working in a government agency doesn’t mean you’re permanent in the job. There is a probationary period in a span of 6 months and they will based if you are deserving based on your performance. 

Dress code and Administrative Case

  • Every Friday is “Wash Day” so employees are allowed to wear anything as long as its decent while every Monday they are required to wear a barong or filipiniana.
  • Avoid getting drunk

Agamata: Want to be rich, don’t apply in the Government

During a radio interview hosted by DJ Chacha and Marc Logan, they are hoping that the newly acquired applicants to work in the government must be trustworthy. According to them, there are lots of controversies surrounding the government agencies especially for those who are new. Agamata then replied that if there are irregularities in the hiring process or what they called “palakasan system”, the commission will investigate.

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