They are the epitome of a perfect couple and adored by many but after 12 years of being together and 2 years of marriage, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shocked the entertainment world when they announce their separation last year.

However, things may be better now for them when a source told the media that the A-list couple are possibly reconciling. According to their biographer Ian Halperin, the estranged couple met at a friend’s home in Beverly Hills. Brad took the step forward and collapsed into each other’s arms.  He also revealed that there are a lot of tears and in that moment, they decided to begin a new phase in their relationship.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Getting Back Together
As stated by the reports, the cause of their split was the alleged verbal fight by Brad and their eldest son, Maddox during a flight from France to Los Angeles. Some of their friends even thought that “Brangelina” will never reunite from that incident. Ian then stated that the couple are comparing themselves to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton who are known to have a strained relationship that resulted into 2 marriages and 2 divorces. Despite of their better connection, it doesn’t mean that they will call off their divorce.

The biographer stated that it is only a piece of paper and once the divorce is done, they will have a clean sheet and start anew.

Brad Apologized to his EX Jennifer Anniston

Before Brangelina, there is Brennifer that existed. They were also the dream couple that everyone is gushing for. She is a tv sweetheart from hit sitcom “Friends” while he is a heartthrob with great acting skills. However, they got separated when there were reports that Brad had an affair with his Mr and Mrs Smith co-star Angelina.

After so many years, it was revealed that the actor apologized to his ex-wife. He is determined to say sorry for everything that he put her through and it became the most intimate conversation that the former couple ever had. 

According to a source, all the resentment that Jennifer suppressed for years pour out then accepted his apology. A friend of the actress revealed that she and Brad where in a level of closeness they never thought will happen.

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