If you are wondering who can avail the newly signed Republic Act 10931 or free tuition in State Universities and Colleges (SUC’s), Local Universities and Colleges (LUC’s) and Technical-Vocational Institutions (TVI’s) then here are the following that are qualified:

Who can Avail the College Free Tuition Law?
Students from SUC’s and LUC’s who passed their entrance examination and other admission requirements
            -SUC’s are public higher education institutions that are finance by the government lead by                    their independent boards of trustees.
            -LUC’s  are CHED- accredited institutions financially supported by LGU’s.
             Students from TVI’s under Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)
             TVI’s provide non-degree programs preparing technicians and other class of middle-level                    workers.

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Meanwhile here are the following that are ineligible

In SUC’s and LUC’s
          -Student’s who already have a bachelor’s degree or undergraduate degree whether public or                  private
          -Student’s who failed to complete their admission and retention policies
          -Student’s who failed to complete their bachelor’s degree within a year after the time                            prescribed in their program.

In TVI’s
        -Student’s who attained a bachelor’s degree or a certificate for a  technical-vocational course
        -Students who fail in any course they enrolled

Students who are in private higher education institutions also have the following subsidies:
            -Tuition and other school fees
            -Allowance for miscellaneous personal expenses like books, transportation and supplies
            -Allowance for room and board costs for disabled students
            -1 time costs in acquiring 1st professional credentials

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Nograles: Government agencies could give up a part of their 2018 budget

Meanwhile Davao Representative Karlo Nograles stated that government departments need to defend their budget or to suffer some cuts if some of their projects are not totally funded. The lawmaker also said that different agencies need to discuss and make a stand on chief executive’s decision. During his interview with ANC’s Headstart, he reiterated that they need to unite instead of letting the Congress what to do.

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