The 1st contender is Jonel Stephanie Amorin. She studied Hotel and Restaurant Management and is currently a freelance pageant coordinator. She is also a senior hairstylist and a professional make-up artist. The next contestant is Ayumi Nicole Lacson and a graduate of BS Business Administration at the University of Iloilo. She is now working as a call center agent.

The last contender is Toni Marie Illustre and currently a 2nd year college student taking up Christian education. She is also a staff member in a NGO Office as well as a freelance event host.

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Tumpak Ganern
Vice asked the contestants first if each of their buzzers work and they need to be alert to press it. The 1st question is to name the band that Jugs Jugueta belongs to. Jonel and Ayumi were the first 2 to guess but there answers are wrong.

Toni had the opportunity to answer and luckily, her answer is right and will advance to the 2nd round. The next question is to name the highest mountain in the world. Ayumi got the correct answer and the final contender to advance in the 2nd round while Jonel is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Toni was called by Vice and Anne to talk about her life. She is also proud that beauty comes from different sizes and colors. Vice then asked her about the parody of a nursery rhyme on Annabelle Rama’s old commercial. It says monkey, monkey Annabelle; how many monkeys did you see. Toni answered that there are 2 monkeys on the song then she related it in our everyday life that we always need to be perceptive.

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Ayumi was the next one to answer and its about the nursery rhyme my toes, my knees, my shoulder, my head. The question is why our hips was exluded? She answered that whatever was given to us, we need to take care of  it and we have to work hard. Based on their answers, the judges prefer Toni and she advance in the final round while Ayumi was eliminated.

Toni and Maria are going to answer the same question this time. The daily winner is the 1st one to answer and it says if you will be given a chance to reconcile with your ex who hurt you the most, will you love him again? Toni answered that she will go through it and she will give him a chance.

On the other hand, Maria said that she already learn from their relationship and will open her heart for the better one. In the end, the reigning queen is still the winner and earns a total of Php 80000.

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