Last Saturday night, Jake Zyrus formerly known as Charice Pempengco shared his lifestory through ABS-CBN’s Drama Anthology, Maalaala Mo kaya (MMK). In the episode, she shared his struggles from childhood till he become a transgender man. Aside from him, Mutya Orquia and Sharlene San Pedro portrayed as a young and adolescent Charice respectively while Dina Bonnevie played as Raquel, Jakes’s mom.

As a child, he was force to wear a gown even though he feel uncomfortable wearing it whenever he joins a singing contest. His father is the only one who understands him. He even gave him a Jumper as a gift with a caption “good boy”.

Mother: Jake Zyrus Story on MMK is a Lie
On the other hand, his mother contradicts the things that are unladylike and he wants Jake to focus on singing and become famous. He followed his mom’s instructions as her smile is his weakness. As he won almost every contest, he was discovered by David Foster and Oprah then achieved international stardom however he felt that that he is not free to live the life that he wants.

Despite his success and wealth, his mother wants to achieve more. He gave everything to his family and wants to be accepted of who he is. The cycle continued until he can’t take it anymore and there’s even a time he committed suicide and run away from home. In the end, he decided that he is not a lesbian but a trans man and begin a new chapter in his life.Viewers especially members from the LGBT Community showed their support by flooding him messages on his various social media accounts.

Jake Zyrus Mom Fires Back

Raquel Pempengco debunks the singer’s story in MMK and reiterates that it is all lies. On her interview with ABSCBN News, she said that Charice made her an antagonist on his life. She then revealed that Charice derelict their family since 2010 and he removed her as a part of their team while they were still in the US.

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Raquel also denied Charice’ claims the she ask money from him and she did not beat him up. When asked what her message is for her daughter, she stated that Charice should not add more mistakes on his life. She is just protecting her daughter and she doesn’t know what state of mind Charice has now.

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