2 years after his retirement, Floyd Mayweather successfully returns in the boxing arena with a knockout win against Conor Mcgregor in the 10th round. The 40 year old boxer’s record is unblemished earning his 50th win (27KO’s) and 0 losses. The latter on the other hand is a mixed martial artist who made his debut as a boxer against one of the best boxer in the world.

On the 1st round, Mayweather used his offensive strength but failed to connect as the Irishman is ahead of him in the score cards as the bell rang. McGregor then continued his assault till the next round. However, the former MMA fighter received a warning on the 3rd round when he illegally connected with Mayweather at the top of his head.

Mayweather defeats McGregor in Round 10
The undefeated boxer then struggled to lead the fight when he receive blows and failed to make an impact against his 29 year old opponent. But as a veteran, he found his groove in the 5th round landing a number of blows to McGregor’s body and his attacks made his contender tire until the 7th round.

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Mayweather maintained the pressure until the 8th round but McGregor is still resistant who made shots on his own. The American fighter battered his opponent with a hard right and finished their battle on the 10th round when the referee steps in to stop the fight.

Famous Stars watch Mayweather-McGregor Fight

Floyd’s mega money victory against McGregor brought a lot of A-list stars to witness the much awaited fight. Some of them are Oscar winners Leonardo Di Caprio and Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez and former MBL player Alex Rodriguez and singer Demi Lovato who sang the National Anthem.

Early in the evening, Bruce Willis attended a pre-party before going to T Mobile Arena and NBA Superstar Lebron James were also present at the event. Biggest names in the boxing world were also present with the likes of Former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson, Amir Khan, Carl Froch and Tony Bellew who were part of Sky Sports.

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