Transport Network Company Uber Systems Incorporated became the talk of the town when the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) suspended their services. It was signed by LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra III and its board members Aileen Lourdes Lizada and Ronaldo Corpus.

According to them, the online ride sharing service violated the earlier order that prohibits the acceptance of applications in Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS). Many were against this idea where it even trended in many social media platforms for days.

LTFRB fined Uber with Php 190 Million to End Suspension
However, the government agency decided to lift the law if the car transportation mobile app will pay an amount of Php 190 million. They based this amount through the daily earnings of Uber with a number of Php 7 million to  Php 10 million in  its 150,000 trips a day. They also multiplied the remaining 19 days that it is generally assumed to be suspended. Uber then made allegiance to offer financial assistance on their drivers that were contriving by the order.

LTFRB wants TNC to delay its Pasig Project

Aside from giving a hefty penalty on Uber, LTFRB also ordered them to postpone their new project that was designed to help bus drivers at Pasig City called “Uber Pasig”. Aileen Lizada of the regulatory board insists that they must know the details first particularly if the bus operators will later complain about the project.

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Based on the letter sent by Uber last August 10, the upcoming project with the help of Pasig City government will allow users to see where all the buses from Pasig are. In June 2016, the local government introduced 3.3 million bus services for the commuters at Ortigas Center.

Irish Salandanan-Almeida, Public Policy Associate of Uber, revealed It will not only eliminate number of cars in the business district but also lessen air pollution. She also explained that the bus service is free and it is featured on their application with an aim to make trips in Pasig Central Business District convenient, more efficient and easy.

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