ABS-CBN’s new segment Miss Q and A is a hit among its loyal or casual viewers. It started last July where gay aspirants are wearing their elegant gowns and answer the host’s unusual questions with a witty answer while bantering with the host. Two of its Grand Finalists are Juliana Parizkova Segovia and Matrica Matmat Centino. Other notable contestants were Elsa Droga Mendoza, Princess Khim Santillan and Maria Princess Nicole Lamiglawas.

Its Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeSaLudoSaBayani August 28, 2017
Here is what happened during the show’s segment

# 1 Khylie Morales - she lives in Silang, Cavite and studied Office Management. She is also a member of Bulihan United Gays Association. Her current jobs are being a choreographer and freelance make-up artist.
# 2 Angelika Mapanganib – she lives in Tatalon Quezon City and an alumna at Manila Science High School.  Her work is a stand-up comedian in a Comedy Bar.
# 3 Alexa Garcia Marzan – she lives in Makati City and is a current member of Makati Active Youth and also a peer counselor. Her job is also a freelance make-up artist.

Tumpak Ganern
Vice Ganda first asked the contestants to check their buzzers one by one at the same time joking with them. He then asked a question about the hit kiddie show “Batibot”. If Kiko is a monkey, what is Bong?

Alexa first answered by describing it first with 3 phrases and finally said banana however, her answer is wrong. Angelika then tried to answer it by also identifying it and said turtle. Fortunately her answer is right and she advanced to the 2nd round.

Anne Curtis is the 2nd one to ask them a question on what is the full name of the hosts of “Little Big Shots”? Alexa again was the 1st one press the buzzer and answered Billy Crawford. This time her answer was correct and also advance to the 2nd round while Khylie was eliminated.

Wit Lang
Vice and Anne introduced the 3 judges for the 2nd round. They are Nicole Cordoves, Nadine Lustre and Karylle. Angelika was then called by the hosts and started to talk about her life. She revealed that her look was inspired by a fisherman.

The hosts especially Vice liked her personality and started talking like a close friend. After the conversation, Vice makes up a lot of nonsense questions but later asked if who is more barbaric, a heartless or soulless? Angelika answered being a heartless because if you don’t have a heart, you won’t feel sympathy among your peers.

Alexa was called by Anne and the hosts were in awe with her beauty where they even told her that she looks like Marian Rivera. She also revealed that she took pills to soften her features. Vice then asked her who is nicer, banal na aso or santong kabayo? Alexa chose santong kabayo as the nicer one because for her, it has a lot of usage like horse racing and jokingly mocked Vice.

The hosts then revealed that Angelika will advanced on the final round and will be against the reigning queen, Maria Katrina Lopez.

Angelika and Maria will go head to head by answering the same question. The daily winner is the 1st one to answer and she was asked if would she rather see her boyfriend happy with someone else or he is with her but lonely.

Angelika chose her special someone to be with her because she will do everything to make him happy. Maria is the next one to answer and she chose her boyfriend to be with someone else as long as he is happy because she believes that if you love someone set him free.

The judges were impressed by their answers because they made a lot of sense. Finally the hosts got the final verdict and Maria is hailed as the winner. She earned a total of Php 40,000 for her 2nd day while Angelika got Php 10,000.

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