House of Representatives finally approved its 3rd and Final Reading wherein the new law will allow a 4 day work week by escalating the normal working hours. House Bill 6152, employers will lessen the working days but will increase a workday within 10 to 12 hours.

According to Baguio City Representative Mark Go who is also one of the authors of the measure stated that this will give flexibility in fixing working hours for the company and its workers that will be compatible for their business requirements and balanced work life.

House of Representatives Approved the 4 Days Work a Week
Under the Labor Code, laborers are required to work for 40 – 48 hours per week in 5 to 6 days. The bill will also atone Articles 83, 87, and 91 of Labor Code that targets to promote labor productivity, business competitiveness and work efficiency. Meanwhile, it is still voluntary for the employers on how the overtime workers will get paid.

Gabriella Slams Newly Approved Bill

When the news broke out that the House finalized the measure for the workers, Filipino citizens voice out their opinions specifically Gabriella Women’s Party (GWP).  Representative Emmi De Jesus said that the bill will only contradict the labor movement’s historic victory to have an 8 hour work schedule.

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If it will implement, employers will have an opportunity to increase the normal working day while decreasing employees work in a week. De Jesus then added that shifting work schedules will allow companies to have more contractual workers in the production cycle. She also revealed that it occurs in a lot of manufacturing firms in economic zones.

A group of companies also warned that some of the employers might reduce jobs if the 4 day work per week will push through. Netizens also shared their opinions with the likes of Maelvencio Mauttog who said that it will not be good for their health. He would rather choose to work for 8 hours in a day than to work in 12 hours a day while another netizen furion reacted positively by saying that it is not for all profession and business. He works in IT Company and he will benefit from it.

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