One of the main problems during rush hours when you want to go in your work on time is heavy traffic. Every one of us wants to get rid of it however, a German guy named Benjamin David got tired of waiting for long hours so he came up with an unusual way to not stuck in traffic, he swims to go in his office.

2 years ago, the 40 year old German started to swim in Munich’ Isar River near his house as an alternative route to his job.  Since then, he decided to swim and has been his main commute. Every morning, he will leave his apartment in Baldeplatz, cross the street and will jump into the river. He needs to swim for about half an hour till he reaches his office located at Kulturstrand.

Tired of Traffic: German Guy prefer to Swim in the River Going to Work
Photo from Facebook/BBC
He has a special bag called “Wickelfisch” that is not only waterproof but can also become a bouy.
Once his there, he will dries himself with a towel, put on a shirt and will just wait for his colleagues who will get through the traffic. When the weather is fine, David will return to the conventional way of commuting.

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Is it safe to swim in the River?

When he was interviewed by the media, Benjamin revealed that it is dangerous to swim in the river. He is a family man and won’t risk his life just to have an easier route so, what he does is he will check the water level, temperature, and the strength of the current online before he swims.

When asked what is the reaction of his neighbors, Benjamin said that some make fun of him while others will asked him why he decided to do it but all these things doesn’t bother him. As of now, he is the only person to do these stint but with the traffic isn’t resolved, some might join him in the future.

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