Social Media is indeed the fastest way to communicate and to relate, both to the positive and the negative. Just recently, a billboard coffee proposal to the Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales had trended online. A certain Xian Gaza asked the young actress to drink coffee with him. What’s unusual with the invite is that it is written in a huge billboard put up in Morayta. A gesture some netizens found sweet and romantic. Erich even said to Darla Sauler that there’s nothing wrong to talk over coffee with this guy as long as Darla will come with them.

CEO to Allegedly Scammer; Who is Xian Gaza
The guy behind this expensive gesture is a “young CEO” named Christian ‘Xian’ Gaza. As per his Instagram account he is the chief operating officer of Guanxiqian Group, a Hong Kong based coffee company. He was also tagged as CEO Stark and was adored by some for his accomplished Life Goals and Bucket List which he had posted on Facebook.

However, just a few days after the billboard had surfaced the net, people who knew Gaza personally also took on social media to exposed who Gaza really is.

Xian Gaza from romantic “Young CEO” to allegedly “scammer”

It all started with a thread on Twitter posted by Dewanie Catapang (@wanniedoo). Dewanie is a model who Gaza allegedly hired to be in his marketing team for a fund raising shirt campaign dedicated to help the Yolanda victims. According to Catapang, although Gaza did not pay her for the job she still continued exerting effort thinking that it was really for charity.

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However what’s worse is that the money they earned through the fund raising never really went to the victims of the typhoon because as per Catapang whenever she asks Gaza about how many shirts they have already sold, the young CEO always changes topic or disappear. She also said that Gaza is only doing these stunts to Erich for exposure and to show his assumed wealth, or worse gather sympathizers and investors who he will scam eventually.
Not so long after, another netizen also posted online about Xian Gaza and how did they become acquaintance. A certain Ryan Salcedo Tañada said that he did not really want to be involved with Gaza anymore hence he “let it slide and let his shenanigans” at first but what triggered him to expose Gaza is that even his cousin idolized the billboard gesture and his life goals and achievements making Tañada show up.

According to him, he met Xian through Filipino Vines, an online community on Facebook, when he planned to partner with them for events in the Philippines and overseas.  During that time, Gaza was still affiliated with the said online community group hence Tañada coordinated with him.

Ryan even said that even though he already sensed that something’s wrong with his transaction with Gaza he still trusted him regardless and gave him the money. But Gaza only proved him right and the show really did not push through because Gaza allegedly spent the money allocated supposedly for the down payment of the artist’s talent fee.
Lastly, even Ella Cruz' mother spoke up regarding Gaza. Jesica, mother of Ella,  said that it was in fact Ella’s show abroad that did not push through because of Gaza. They supposed to receive the down payment for Ella’s talent fee but they received nothing. She even said that Xian Gaza was allegedly stalking her daughter that’s why they have pictures together.

From the “young CEO Stark” to an allegedly scammer, it is worth it to hear the other side of the coin.

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