It looks like Daniel Matsunaga isn’t the only one who has potential prospect after his breakup with his leading lady Erich Gonzales earlier this year.

On July 3, Monday,  Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales reacted towards the sweet gesture of a fan who asked her for coffee in a very expensive way. A certain Xian Gaza posted on Instagram a coffee proposal to the young actress all-expressed in a huge billboard put up in Morayta on Saturday, July 1. Later did we know, Gaza is in fact the young chief executive officer of a Hong Kong-based coffee company, Guanxiqian Group.

Actress Erich Gonzales Response to CEO Billboard Proposal
In a message that Erich replied to Darla Sauler, one of the first who saw the billboard and sent to the actress, she said that Gaza’s effort is cute and it’s fine. It also seems that the actress is open for the coffee date, as she said that there’s nothing wrong if they talk over coffee as long as Darla is there, too.

The billboard reads as,  "I can't even espresso how much I like you a latte. Will you... drink coffee with me?". Erich Gonzales was also addressed by her real name Erika Chryselle Gancayco.

Netizens mixed reactions about this young businessman.

One of the few posts of Gaza in social media about Erich showed the expensive makeup stash he was about to give to Erich. It was posted way back June 15 this year with a caption that he wants to give the Bobbi Brown makeup set to Erich because she is a heaven-sent gift and every man’s dream.  Gaza also addressed Erich by her real name again and this is just his way to say hello to her. He even thanked Erich for being his inspiration every day.
Actress Erich Gonzales Response to CEO Billboard Proposal
He even displayed the long receipt of the supposed gift, which some netizens found boastful. One even said that he can not sway Erich by showing off his wealth. While some did appreciate the effort, some find it overly publicized.

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According to Gaza’s Instagram post on July 3, Monday,  he first saw Erich in Uptown Mall Cinema earlier this year. He was about to watch the last full show of Assassin’s Creed all by himself when he noticed that Erich was seating in front of him along with 4 other friends. He asked the actress for a selfie and from then on, Erich “had left a massive imprint on my heart and left me mesmerized”, as per the young businessman’s caption.

Meanwhile,  Erich is still in the US for a short vacation. Hopefully, we can hear more from her about this coffee date.

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