A month after his break-up with his partner Alyssa Quijano, international singing sensation Charice Pempengco has changed his name on social media to Jake Zyrus.

He started changing his name on Instagram first on weekend and posted a 'Thank You' image with a heartfelt thankful caption;

Charice Pempengco Officially Announced New Name Jake Zyrus
("From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the love and respect. I love you back and I'm sending peace to everyone," -jakezyrusmusic)

He, then, changed his Twitter name and username to @jakezyrus with his first post;

(My first tweet as Jake. Overwhelmed. Saw all your love comments and I'm so happy. Finally. I love you, everyone and see you soon.
— Jake Zyrus (@jakezyrus) June 20, 2017)

The Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community also expressed their congratulations and support to the singer.

Another transman singer and the newly-appointed MTRC board member and National Youth Commission Chairman Aiza Seguerra also congratulates Jake with his newest milestone.

On Push, Aiza was also asked why doesn't he change his name like Jake. He corrected the netizen who addressed him as a lesbian and answered that just like Jake Zyrus, he is not a Lesbian but a transman. And though, he is not ready to change his name yet, it may actually happen eventually, if not sooner.

Along with this little celebration of one's identity, some issues could not really help but to surface, one of them is Esquire's “drunk-uncled” way of showing their support to Jake. The said lifestyle magazine posted a supposed “crass-but-supportive” article of how unique Jake had chosen his name. The article was entitled, “Jake Zyrus and The Challenges of Personal Reinvention”.

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The article said, “But while we stand in full support of Jake Zyrus’ decision, his new identity, and the right of every transgender person to identify with a name of his or her choosing, we can’t help but feel that Charice could have picked a better name than Jake Zyrus”, something the netizens had found “transphobic” and insensitive.

Meanwhile as per the letter written by Esquire editor-in-chief Kristine Fonacier posted a day after the article has been released and created a fuzz online, Fonacier said, “Ultimately, it was a failure in empathy and sensitivity. We regret the article and, knowing that a lot of other people are critical of Jake’s name, urge everyone to be more thoughtful about the issue, and more careful when discussing it. This kind of lapse is easily made, especially when you consider yourself fairly liberal and progressive and accepting. It helps to remember what that really means, once in awhile.”

They apologized to the singer and to the netizens who found the article offensive.

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