Having a tattoo is considered by some as an art of self-expression. Some people do it to be different, stand out or symbolize something. Whether for aesthetic purposes or for deeper symbolic reasons, one thing remains true; tattoos become a permanent part of you.

Although there are options to remove tattoo, it is not easy or as safe as getting one. It is a lesson a 21-year old woman had to learn in a very hard way.

Thai Student Left with A Horrible Scars after Applying Tattoo Remover
Pasuda Reaw, 21-year old art student from Thailand, one day decided that she was tired of the rose tattoo on her chest. She thought having the tattoo would make her look less professional at work.

She had two options to remove her tattoo, one was the laser method and the other one was Rejuvi- a chemical method. She chose the chemical method.

What is Rejuvi or Chemical Method?

Rejuvi Labs was founded in 1988 by Dr. Wade Cheng in the San Francisco Bay Area. Using a high specification digital permanent make-up machine, they promised to remove a tattoo completely within just three or four sessions. It claims to raise ink pigments to the surface of the skin that can be peeled off.
Thai Student Left with A Horrible Scars after Applying Tattoo Remover
Reaw documented the removal process of her tattoo, but unfortunately, it became an unsightly process. When she first received the treatment on February 4, it caused her too much pain, she could not sleep.

After 10 days, her tattoo area had started to fill with puss. She was able to pull off the tattoo on March 2, but wounds were left on her skin. The wound completely healed by May 7, but it left an unsightly large pink raised scar.

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After her horrific experience, she shared her story to warn other who might be thinking to undergo the same procedure. It might be more expensive to undergo a laser removal procedure, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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